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Women in motorsport aims to provide females with the right information and contacts to enable them to make an informed choice about their interest or involvement in motorsport.


Women have been competing in motorsport since the sport began over 100 years ago. Women can, and do, achieve success alongside their male counterparts from past to present.

In 1901, a French lady, Camille de Gast entered the gruelling 687 mile Paris to Berlin race and finished 33rd out of 122. In 1903, British Dorothy Levitt began her career racing in a Gladiator at Southport Speed Trials and won her class. A year later she drove one of two officially entered De Dion cars in the Hereford 1000 mile trial, a sole woman against the best of the men drivers. It has not stopped since… Elizabetta Junek competed in the treacherous Targa Florio Race around the rugged Island of Sicily, Lella Lombardi scored in the Formula 1 Drivers Championship, Indianapolis winner Lyn St James, Rally Champions Pat Moss and Michelle Mouton successfully competed in one of the most demanding aspects of motorsport… the list goes on.

Rallying is just one of a variety of motorsports in the UK, including autotests, circuit racing, drag racing, hillclimbs, sprints, and kart racing, all of which attract very successful female competitors.

Women In Motorsport, an MSA initiative, is an awareness-raising project and forms a large part of the national plan for British motorsport.

Women In Motorsport was established essentially to increase female awareness of, and participation in motorsport. The principle of participation applies equally to competing in motorsport and officiating in motorsport in whatever capacity (scrutineer, marshal, rescue personnel, clerk of course, mechanic, etc).

Females of all ages compete equally alongside their male counterparts, and the majority of them inherit their interest and involvement through family and friends, but there are many who do not have this opportunity. An information pack has been produced by the British Women Racing Drivers' Club to provide help and encouragement for more women to participate in motorsport, ranging from a local treasure hunt or 12 car rally, to Formula 1 or World Rally.

The MSA, the governing body for motorsport in Great Britain, have produced their "How to start in motorsport" booklet in which you will find vital information on a large range of motorsport activities.

Whatever your interest is - Racing, Rallying, Club Motorsport, Marshalling, or Administration (all extremely rewarding) - we urge you to join your local Motor Club. The MSA Regional Associations of Motor Clubs can help you choose the local club that suits you best, and should also be able to provide a female contact within the association who is available to help, encourage and provide a sympathetic ear. In addition, if your route is through a Race or Rally School a unique list of those schools which employ female instructors can be obtained from the BWRDC.

In the world of rallying females are every bit as good as their male counterparts. The number of mixed crews and an increasing number of all female crews at all levels of the sport bear testimony to this. At International level rallying Britain's first World Champion was Louise Aitken-Walker, and not as most people assume Colin McRae.

"Losing is not an option" according to the T-shirt, but that doesn't mean that there can only be one winner. The winners are those who have a go and achieve a personal goal. This applies equally to life and motorsport.

We hope that this information is of assistance to you, and that you too will discover the enjoyment of motorsport.


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