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To provide an enjoyable learning experience.
To encourage and enable you to take part in rallying with confidence.


One day tuition - tailored to your personal requirements:

- 1:1 or groups
- for beginners or more experienced competitors
- from 12 car rally to International/WRC

The course can focus on stage rally co-driver skills, road rally navigation, all skills or particular topics, including:

- Map reading
- Map references
- Timing
- Tulip roadbook
- Tulips, herringbones, spot heights etc
- Time card
- Pace Notes
- Equipment
- Event regulations
- Regularity
- Licence requirements
- and more...

Your course will use real event paperwork, video / powerpoint presentations (as appropriate), but will mainly consist of practical demonstrations.

Questions always welcome

You will receive a bound set of course notes to refer back to

Email / telephone support also available


In addition to the Essential Solution tuition package we can also provide the following:

Pace Notes
- Opportunity to produce / practise pace notes in car
- 1:1 tutor : co-driver, or tutor : driver
- 1:2 tutor with both driver and co-driver

Consultancy Service
Advice / support for all involved in rallying

Professional approach
PR pre-event / post-event press releases etc

The Full Monty - The Works
From filling in your entry form, to providing support during the event, and all points in between (booking your accommodation / travel, preparing event schedules etc).

Team Management

Sports Psychology
Full coaching / mentoring for individuals / teams


For the more experienced rally driver

Why not hire a professional co-driver to work along side you?

For further details on any of the above, or to arrange your own solution, contact

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